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    Quality in Translations

What you may expect:

I will perform professional translations for you in the following areas:
Information Technology, Financial Services, Contracts & Legal.

Furthermore I am offering proofreading services for any documents that have already been translated by others.

If the source document is provided to me in an electronic format supported by Microsoft Office, you will receive the translated document back with all format settings retained. The same applies to the extent possible to source documents made available in PDF format, provided the document’s security settings permit editing.

Of course you can also send me the text to be translated by fax or as a paper document; depending on your needs, you will then receive the translated text in the form of a Word document, by fax, or printed on paper.

In each case I guarantee to properly handle and translate your documents with due care and to strictly protect the confidentiality of your personal and/or business data and the information provided to me for translation.

Feel free to contact me if you want to receive a specific offer.

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